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Hi! My name is Hodaka Sakamoto. Please call me Hoda. Welcome to my portfolio website. I compile my works, skills and profile here. I hope that you will know me through this website. Get a tea and some sweets and enjoy reading.

About me


I'm an engineer from Ishikawa prefecture in Japan. After studying mechanical engineering at a technical college and material engineering at a university of technology, I worked as material development of thermistor and production in a manufacturer. After that, I moved to the IT industry at 31 years old. Having started my career from operations and technical support, I have worked extensively from infrastructure to front-end, including AWS cloud server construction, web page creation, Python/django tool development and so on.


Do you want to know my greate works? Here it is!

The Sample App

AWS Web server


Hoda's Portfolio

Lucy's Slack Bot


My skill set

I represented my skills graphically.

  • 5 - Super Saiyan
  • 4 - Ninja
  • 3 - Pokémon Master
  • 2 - I can use a little.
  • 1 - Beginner
  • 5 - Jedi
  • 4 - Samurai
  • 3 - Stand Master
  • 2 - I can use a little.
  • 1 - Beginner
  • 5 - I love it!
  • 4 - My dream.
  • 3 - I like it!
  • 2 - I want to do it.
  • 1 - I have an interest in it.


Since you are here, let's look back on my old memories!


I was born in Japan.

My dream was to be a penguin.

1998~Junior high school

I joined a brass band club.

It was a lot of fun! I continued playing it until I graduated from university.

2001~College, University

I majored in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science.

I studied a photocatalyst.

2010~A member of society

I got a job!

I began to work for electronic component manufacturers.


I felt doubts and anguish in working in the manufacturing industry.


I got a smartphone.

I have read many e-books and blogs. The world is wide! I have had good influences by a smartphone.


I started my blog by WordPress.

I published the way to read the score and how to use 'MuseScore'. As a result of this blog, I understood the enjoyment of a website creation and the greatness of IT technology.


I quit a job!

Yay! I learned the basic of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, JAVA, SQL in a trade school.


I jumped into the IT industry

I started to work again as a web engineer!

To all of those who have helped me.

Thanks to the support of various people, I am here now. The person who cheered me when I left previous job. Instructor who taught me carefully at the trade school. CEO who picked up my technically immature me. Great engineer who tells me when I am in trouble. And then, Human Resources, Sales and family. Thank you so much all. From now on, I aim to realize my ideal lifestyle.

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